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So – I decided I’m going to start posting short fiction here from time to time, mostly as an incentive to actually write fiction now and again.  So in order to break into it and set a bar I was going to just post one of my shorts.  The one that came to mind, I thought I had on my site – but it’s not there so I’ve now spent the last two hours searching CDs of my backups and even old writer’s groups archives looking for this piece.

This is the second short fic piece that I’ve lost track of in the last few months.  I even went to go find my binder where I try to keep hard copies of all my fiction. . . guess what is missing?  I think I’m going to scream.  The one was actually a series of about 3 shorts which has been on my mind lately as a possible plot line for a much larger piece.  I suppose I will have to start over.

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