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Last weekend was the official kick off to the new Pony Club Rally season with Quiz. We tried to get out of town on Friday early so we could get settled in at the hotel and have dinner up there, but we only got as far as the gas station on the corner when we discovered that I had a bad tire on the cruiser.

Not willing to take a chance, we went straight to Belle Tire and got two new ones. It delayed our start by an hour. About the time we got to the Indiana border, Terri called to let us know they too were having car trouble and they wouldn’t be up until morning.

We got to Potowotami Inn in the Pokagon State Park just in time to check in and nearly run to the restaurant to get in before they closed. After that the kids went swimming and hung out with some freinds in the rec room before gathering in our room for one last study session.

Josh (as the oldest Pony Clubber present and the captain of his team) really took over the study session. I was pretty proud. There wasn’t much for Brad and I to do but watch a little TV and relax — without the computer. Something I haven’t done in a long time. I had brought a notebook in case I felt the urge to get creative, but I really only had the urge to just veg out. I kept one ear on the study session and offered tidbits of advice when they were talking about situations I witnessed in years past. Around 11 pm, Josh told the girls it was time for them to go back to their own rooms and get some sleep.

The competition itself went really well. I L-O-V-E quiz, and I enjoy being a classroom scorekeeper. The day seemed to go pretty smooth, Barn phase got us behind schedule about an hour – but that was really better then some years past. The real annoyance came in the then 3 hours we had to wait for results. Awards were suppose to start at 5pm. In reality they didn’t start until 8.

This really sucks because by this point everyone is tired. We had a hotel room for a second night, becuase Josh had JLC meetings (Think similar to student council, but regional and pony club) the next day but many people had to drive home, several people having more then a 2 hour drive.

It’s hard to complain when the whole event is run by parents who are volunteering. I know everyone did the best they could with the situation, but I hope in the meetings they were able to take stock and come up with some solutions so next year runs smoother.

We got home relitively early Sunday, but I did something I haven’t done in quite some time – played hooky from life. I didn’t answer the phone, and while I read my email and did some online tasks, I stayed pretty quite and alerted very few that I was in fact home. I needed that extra time to just be mellow – and I think it has helped quite a bit. I’m feeling recharged.

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