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Plotting for Pantsers – it’s Almost NaNoWriMo Time

Plotting for pantsers? Only on Halloween.

Plotting for pantsers? That is probably the most absurd, contradictory thing you’ve ever heard. Right?What is so scary it could cause

Right?What is so scary it could cause

Wrong!What is so scary it could cause

What is so scary it could cause pantsers to start plotting? Halloween, of course.

October thirty-first is a lot of things to many people. Of course, it is Halloween. For those like me who have a think about Houdini, it is the anniversary of his death and today marks the 90th seance to try and connect with the one man who debunked the idea of communicating with the dead. But for writers, it’s also the last day before that crazy month long write-a-thon NaNoWriMo.

What’s that you say?  If you’re unaware, you obviously don’t have a writer in your life.

plotting for pantsers

Someone decided a long time ago that November would be a good month for writers to sit down and commit to writing a 50,000 words novel. You know the month when most of us either have company or are traveling for Thanksgiving. It is also the same month many of us begin decorating for the winter holidays. A lot of us bake in Novemember. Let’s not forget holiday shopping.

Sure….Let’s also write a novel! Why not?

Do I sound a little pessimistic? Well, I guess it’s because I’ve started this journey oh so many times. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve successfully written the 50k. It’s that darn Thanksgiving. It shows up every year, steals a few days of my time, and sinks my ship of dreams that I will hit my word count goals and complete a novel in thirty days.

But…There is a positive side of this coin.

Every book I have started in November, I have finished. And, for the last several years, my NaNoWriMo projects has become a completed, published novel.

The one I plan to begin writing tomorrow….the one I will continue to plot the rest of today…will be published in very early 2017.

Will it be drafted by Nov. 30? I’m not sure, but that is the plan.



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