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Monday Musing: Filling the Well

If you read this blog from time to time, this post will have a familiar theme to you.

This past weekend, I was once again reminded about the community of writers. Our work: the brainstorming and plotting of our stories, getting the words on the pages, and revising said words is often done in solitude. In our home offices, family rooms, bedroom, or maybe a coffee shop.

For this reason we can be known as introverts or loners. I have to admit, I do tend to embrace those labels. I know I often spend a lot of time “up in my own head” and “Living with the characters of my creation.”



But, when a group of us can get together — like I was blessed to do with some wonderful, like minded friends — I’m reminded how nourishing and uplifting it can be to hang out with those who know and understand what it’s like to wrestle with the words in our head and on the page.


We are not all solitary introverts who dislike people. We work alone, but we love to commune with our tribe. Those who get us. Those who understand when you need yet another way to kill a character. Or another way for a couple to be romantic and express their love.

We get each other’s humor.

Time spent together, makes the lonely hours of creation all worthwhile.

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