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Friday Featured Author: Rue Allyn

Rue Allyn is today’s featured author!

I’m so pleased to have Rue Allyn here today as our featured author. Without further delay, let’s get to the interview…with a little twist this week.

Featured Author

Tell us about your latest release?

I have two releases this September.

On Sept. 12th, Crimson Romance is releasing the complete series of The Knight Chronicles. Readers can get the collection here https://www.amazon.com/Knight-Chronicles-Complete-Rue-Allyn-ebook/dp/B01KGNKHZ8/.

The following week, Sept. 19th my fourth medieval romance, The Herald’s Heart, debuts. This isn’t just a romance. It’s a story about identity theft in the late 13th century. I had a terrific time writing it and discovering exactly why herald’s existed and what they did. I’m sorry that I won’t have a pre-order link until Sept. 5th at the earliest. Until then keep your eye on my website http://RueAllyn.com or my Amazon page https://www.amazon.com/Rue-Allyn/e/B00AUBF3NI/.


Do you have any writing rituals? (Time of day to write, must have beverages? Etc?)

Gotta have music. Water helps.


What inspires you?  

Readers who love and buy my books. The odd and interesting things I hear or learn about. The history of herald’s is an example. The topic came up in a conversation about research with another author and intrigued me so much I had to know more.


What is the biggest thing that people THINK they know about your subject/genre, that isn’t so?

Many readers want to believe that every historical romance is meticulously researched to the nth degree. So much so that except for the actual major characters everything in the book is true. If you read a book that makes you feel that way, terrific. You’ve given the author a compliment so high it could only be topped by giving a review. However, because an author has done his/her job and helped you to suspend all disbelief in the story, please do not imagine that every historical appearing detail in the book actually happened.


What do you think is the future of reading/writing?

I’m not certain what this question is asking of me. I really don’t know what might be in the future for readers and writers. I do believe that eventually costs will make paper books too expensive for mass distribution. As a reader, I kind of hope for an experience that is more interactive, somewhere between a book and a movie.


What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Read. Spend time with my DH. Travel. Those are the top three.


What do you think makes a good story?

Great character and great conflict. Good writing helps too.

As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

My first ambition was to be an opera diva/coloratura soprano. I’ve always wanted to hit the high note. Sadly I have a very mezzo voice that is fading with age. Nice thing about writing, it doesn’t fade with age.


 Who is your go-to author, the one you know you can always count on to deliver a great story?

I have several, but right now Susan Elizabeth Phillips is tops on my list because she almost always makes me laugh.


What projects are you working on at the present?

I’ve taken a grip on my courage and jumped whole hog into writing my first regency period romance.

What do your plans for future projects include?

I have a number of medieval romances planned, a few western romances and may even work on a couple more regencies, depending on the response to the one I’m writing now.


This or That

·        Breakfast or no breakfast? No/very late breakfast

·        Eggs or pancakes? Eggs

·        Pork Bacon or Turkey Bacon? Pork

·        Scrambled or Over Easy Eggs? Scrambled

·        White or Wheat Bread? Rye

·        Macaroni Salad or Potato Salad? Macaroni

·        Mashed Potatoes or Baked Potatoes? Baked

·        Hot Dogs or Hamburgers? Burgers

·        Cookie Dough or Cookies from Scratch? There’s something besides cookies from scratch?

·        Pumpkin Pie or Apple Pie? Decisions, Decisions, Apple.

·        Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt? Ice Cream

·        Taco Bell or McDonalds? Taco Bell

·        Carrabba’s or Olive Garden Never been to Carrabas, so Olive Garden.

·        Sweet or Sour? Yes.

·        Sushi or Smoked Fish? Ceviche

·        Chicken Nuggets or Chicken Fingers? Nuggets

·        French Fries or Salad? Salad

·        Pringles or Lays? Lays waffle chips.

·        Salt and Vinegar or Sour Cream and Onion? Sour Cream and Onion

·        Coke or Pepsi? Coke

·        Surge Soda or Mellow Yellow? Ugh.

·        Black Coffee or Cream and Sugar? I like some coffee with my cream and sugar.

·        Gatorade or Powerade? Yuck.


Constance Phillips

Wife, mother, and author, Constance Phillips spends most of her time in a fantasy land of her own creating. When not writing stories of finding and rediscovering love, Constance and her husband spend the hours planning a cross-country motorcycle trip for the not-so-distant future…if they can find a sidecar big enough for their four pups.

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