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CD Review: Flipsyde – We The People

Hip hop is probably best known and categorized by strong rhythmic beats and revolutionary messages, and Flipsyde offers plenty of both in their recent release We The People. Members Piper, Steve Knight, Dave Lopez, and D-Sharp all have vast and unique backgrounds, but all had a common theme running through their previous works – political commentary. Together they have produced a CD that is rich with themes, not of unrest, but a plea to come together.

Piper, the MC and vocalist of the group, draws on his multi-cultural background and only intermittently present father as inspiration for his profound and edgy rhymes. His says about their style, “Our music is like water, it has no form but can cover you . . . or morph into anything.” This statement is fairly accurate. Though it all falls under the umbrella of hip-hop each track is distinctive and complex. Some tracks even a blend of styles, but more on that later.

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