Guest Post: Treasuring Theresa: A Sweet Regency Short Story

Why do I write Regencies? The short explanation is pretty much what I write in my bios, that it was a time of elegant manners, with elaborate courtship rituals, lavish balls and entertainments, and lovely gowns. Pretty much everything my heroine, Lady Theresa, despises! A longer explanation, written especially for readers who are unfamiliar with …

New Year’s Blog Hop: Romance at Midnight

Happy New Year - champagne and party decoration

Isn’t there something about New Year’s Eve? It’s a time for wiping the slate clean. For pushing out the old and welcoming the new.

And it’s often a “come together moment” in a romantic movie or book. The magic moment as the clock strikes twelve and confetti falls from the ceiling, this is when the couple who has been fighting their attraction throughout the story’s journey give up the fight and give into each other.

Surviving Holiday Stress: Gift of Love Blog Hop

HolidayGOLButtonThe winter holiday season is one of those times that can be both joyous and stressful. As much I enjoy celebrating the love and wonderment of the season, doing family bonding chores like decorating the tree and holiday baking, as well as doing good deeds for others, the stress of an all to long to-do list can be enough to overshadow the good.

So how do I combat that stress?